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Earth Hour Day…ชั่วโมงพิทักษ์โลก

24 Mar



We can all help make a difference!


All of us waste valuable resources and energy as we go about our daily
lives – at work and at home.

To heighten awareness, ‘Earth Hour Day’ was devised to show what a difference
we can all make – simply by turning off a few lights and appliances in the home
for one hour in the evening.  Last year,
The Bangkok Post
published figures showing a saving of 165 megawatt-hours
– which translates into 102 tonnes of carbon
saved from being released into the atmosphere

This year ‘Earth Hour Day’ is on Saturday, March 28.  Between 8:30 and 9:30pm people around the
world will be asked to turn off their lights for 1 hour.  Currently, 80 countries and 750 cities are
committed to Earth Hour 2009, a huge increase from people participating in just
35 countries in 2008.  The aim is to
achieve 1 billion participants during Earth Hour 2009.

With your help we would like to encourage our children to participate in
Earth Hour Day 2009.  Simply turn off the
lights at home for 1 hour on
, 8.30-9.30 pm – and feel good knowing you are participating in
a global event and helping raise awareness around the world of a growing threat
to our planet!

เสาร์ที่ 28 มีนาคม 2552 นี้


ร่วมใจกันดับไฟ 1 ชั่วโมง
ในเวลา 20.30-21.30 น.


(Thank you British International School for sending this information)